2nd JanMature

Had a dream about Ronald Newcombe last night. It  was quite saucy, he was touching me up on the stairs near biology class, perhaps because it was near biology it was a hint that we are going to have children. Still unsure, will have to type it into google and see what it means.
Mum has booked hairdressers for the fourth, I intend to get low-lights so my hair looks more full. Elle Newcombe has highlights, my mum calls it bitch hair.
I am going to primark later to try to spend my vouchers.

Been to primark! What bargins! I got four padded bra's. All black of course, so it shows through my school shirt. I also got a mini ra-ra skirt which is of course, black. I got  about ten pairs of dangley earings - that'll show mum. I also got some grey school trousers which are just like Elle's and finally I got some tights, I still have 40 quid left to spend, I cannot wait!

Put my padded bra on underneathe my "Little Miss Giggles" T-shirt, boobs loook much fuller at least a c cup and very realistic, strutted down stairs, nana phyliss was in and she burst out laughing.

Mum has asked if I still have the recipet for my bra's and that I was to take them back as they were too mature - lied and told her I threw the reciept away, she tutted looked at me with that dissappointment that only mums can do and slammed my bedroom door.

Elle has just phoned, apparently, Joe Schmoe, has just text her asking if she wants to go out with him, she is coming round and will discuss it fully and think about response.

Elle has ONLY just left. Joe Schmoe got her telephone number from her brother - apparently, and thinks she is cute. I told her it's probably a hoax and she disagreed, saying that whenever Joe Schmoe was round at hers she caught him gorping at her. Joe Schmoe used to go out with Natalie Farrand, the year above us at school but the prettiest girl in the whole school. She dumped him when she realised this. Elle also wanted to borrow my lady shave as Joe Schmoe was coming round tonight, and she was seeing her actual real boyfriend for the first time since breaking up from school tomorrow. I told her I'd not yet charged it. Elle also was bitching about Claire Hunter, I really like Claire and couldn't see what Elle was getting at. When I didnt respond to her bitching she left. THANK GOD.

My mum and Zack are arguing - again. It sounds like they are arguing about Woof. And money. I have turned my dance-pop music right up so I cannot hear them argue. The arguements usually start with money, move onto the house, then me or the dog, followed by nana phyliss and dad.

Mum has just walked out on Zack. Screaming " YOUR SO IMMATURE YOU RIDICULOUS LITTLE BASTARD."


Mum has just spent half an hour trying to get the key to work in the front door, we both have suspicions that Zack had somehow altered the locks. Mum very drunk and wanted to sleep in my bed. Said okay. Problem is, she breathes like darth vadar after a glass of wine and I cant sleep with her at all. Have grabbed "poorly" quilt and am kipping on the sofa. In my own house! How ridiculous is that. I am first target for murders/rapists/burgerlars to hold ransom.

The End

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