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1st Jan 2007


Everyone who has anyone has heard of adrian mole, who the fuck is adrian mole anyway? Some slushy made up character with no real grounding in life. I don't even know why I'm writing about adrian mole, he is stupid.
I feel my  life is far superior to his, so have decided to keep own diary.
For christmas I got, a lady shave off dad so I stop taking his razor to P.E class to do my legs in the toilet before hand. How grown up is that?
I bet Elle Newcombe didn't get a ladyshave off her dad, she might of got one off her boyfriend though as a HINT. HA! *Must phone Elle later to see if she did get a ladyshave for christmas.
From mum, you see, my parents don't live together now, my mum had this "wild affair" in Canada a couple of years back. I'm not quite sure what justifies it being wild, but whatever.
From my mum I got a book about sex!!!! Can you believe it?
And a £70 Primark Voucher, how I am going to spend seventy quid in primark I do not know.
My mums boyfriend, who thinks he is hip and trendy got me a pair of hiking boots, he told me hiking was the new shopping a month ago and I'd laughed my head right off!
I hope he doesnt think I think he is funny.
The dog, as usual got me a selection box, which isn't funny any more, because Woof, is a dog, not a person and obviously didn't buy it.
Grandma Phyliss put £5 and a condom in my christmas card, how embarrassing is that? She is an absolute loon. Thinking I will be off with all the boys. I am only just 13! Also, a fiver will not get me much, unless it is from Primark (Vouchers are RUBBISH!)
Grandma Ava got me some well expensive perfume in a fancy bottle, some expensive body moisturizer and a pair of dangley earrings.
Phyliss is my mums mum and Ava is my dads mum. They are alright as far as grandparents go.

I have just got back from taking Woof for a walk, I have phoned Elle she did not get a lady shave. Ha. She got some rubbish games console that she has to share with her older (and really fit) brother.
My mother is in fairly good mood to say she was a state last night and her and Zack had an argument about nothing in the street.
She has only just woken up though.
First thing she said to me was I am not allowed the Dangley earings Grandma Ava got me. I told her to sod off. I am now sulking in my room waiting for an apology.


Does not look like I am going to get an apology.


Still not had an apology, mum seems to have forgotten all about it. Senile.

Have been completely blanking mum and talking to Zack over dinner, couldn't bear his stupid life philosophies though, he is SUCH an idiot. I hope he realizes I was doing it to make a point and not because I'm interested in walking up a hill, because I can, quite frankly, think of better things to do with my time. Mum then, as an attempt to join conversation I think suggested that me and her book into the hairdressers, her treat. I think this is a bribe to make me be her friend again. Really want hair doing before term starts though. Elle Newcombe got false nails for christmas, might talk mum into letting me have them, then will obviously forgive her fully.


The End

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