Test Day

Now that the molecule transmitter was done, the question was, "Was it going to work?"  In order to know if it was or wasn't going to work, they were going to have to test it.

The day after they finished the machine they were going to start testing it.  They would start testing with the smaller things.  They would start with plants then things bigger than that.  Remember, this machine would change their identity so the things being change could only change their look if it is something of the same genus. 

They started testing with a pygmy bitteroot plant.  They were going to change it to into a small sapling tree.  They found the picture of a sapling tree and inserted it into the machine.  a few seconds an flash of light appeared and a simple sapling tree was sitting there.  They changed it back and was successful.  They changed a plant but they were going to have to do an actual animal.  They started with a frog, they were going to change it into a salamander. They got the pictures and changed the frog into the salamander.  They kept on going up in size and everything worked.  They went to something bigger than a human which would help because they were human.

They were testing a bear.  They were going to change it into fox.  In the middle of this test run there was a malfunction in the machine.  Gabriel kept wondering what it was.  he found the problem and fixed it.  They finally changed the bear to a fox and back.  All of there testing was done and they were going to do the actual thing the next day.

The End

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