Will it Work?

So... As our heroes set off with their jobs with the molecule transmitter.  With teamwork they could complete.  If one person was to not do one of their jobd correctly, they would epicly fail. 

Everything was going great for the Tree Savers until one important process in making the molecule transmitter was ruined.  In orderto finish it, they needed ine part that was forgotten, the Flabooshkingo was forgotten.  The one person that forgot it was... Gabriel.

Gabriel's mind was screwed up when he made te orders, the one person that was building forgot it.  How could he have done that?  Gabriel was so excited to finally make a molecule transmitter, he messed up the order.  Great for Gabriel isn't it.  He became so furious almot hurt the group by destroying the machine.  Fortunately, he thought before he did and relaxed and realized what he was doing.  Instead of destroying the machine, he just bought the part and became relaxed and a few days later after struggled understanding this new technology.  He finally finished the machine.  The question was, was it going to work?

The End

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