The transformation would be very confusing.  More confusing than you will ever know.  The question being asked was how they were going to transform themselves.  This adventure has had many questions to it lately.  This was the hardest question of them all though.  To figure out this question the whole group would have to put their minds together.

"Have anything yet," asked Benjamin to everyone else.

"NOTHING AT ALL," exclaimed everyone at once.

"I got something," said Henry in the middle of the group.

Everyone else asked, "What is it?"

"If Gabe can do it, he can make a molecule transmitter that can change our molecules so our appearance will look different, but are powers and personality will be the same." Said Henry

Gabriel then said, "I could do it, i will just need the technology and the time to do it."

Curtis asked, " Don't we all ready have the technology?"

"We have technology, but not THE technology for this specific project," said Gabe angrily.

"We have the time, but not too much time, we have sufficient funds for the technology, so i think we can do this, oh, and we have the brains," exclaimed Liam.

"WE CAN DO THIS!" Everyone yelled at once.

So, our heroes set off with their jobs for the molecule transmitter just to get to the Amazon and fix their reputation.

The End

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