The Tree Savers became even more stumbled after Gabriel figured out where a major company was.  The problem, transportation. 

They may have been a superhero group but they were not "loved" by everyone.  Having fans can really help in the long run, for instance their situation at the moment.  They couldn't get tickets unless they were disguised.

Benjamin said, "What are we going to do now?  Everybody hates us now."

Gabriel replied, "I am smart and I am stumped"

Liam came into the conversation with an ingenious idea.  "I got it!" said Liam.

Everybody else in the group asked at the same time, "WHAT?"

"Disguises," said Liam

"Brilliant," exclaimed everyone at the same time. (Except Liam because he came up with the idea)  They all started off thinking of good disguises for themselves.  It was brilliant but could it not be enough.

Within the next few days the group came up with the ideas for their disguises.  Liam would be an "employee" of the company, Benjamin would be an architect for the company, Gabriel would be doctor for the company, Henry would be an archaeologist. and Curtis would be a minister preaching to the people.  In order to have those "jobs" they would have to look like adults.  They would have to go through many changes.  How would they change themselves?

The End

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