The Huge Problem

The problem with getting good during a mission, is that there were no more companies wanting to take the land from the Adirondacks.  Too many companies became scared of the Tree Savers and didn't want to intrude.  Instead, they just fled and went to take the land from other forests.  This outraged the Tree Savers so they had Gabriel (Their inner brains) to figure out where the major companies were colonizing.  He had such a major mind that he was smarter than a fifth grader.  One day Gabriel became stumped and couldn't figure out where they were.

Benjamin said, "What is going on with you?"

No reply came from Gabriel, instead it was a simple reply of silence.  Benjamin then contacted the rest of the group in the Tree Lair.(There lair was located at the base of the roots of a tree in the near center of the Adirondacks)  They asked many doctors but none of them would help because the were the "Public Enemy Number One."  This outraged the group but they kept on asking until one doctor that supported them(SHOCK) agreed and went to go look at Gabriel.

The next day Doctor Schloop discussed what was going on with Gabriel to the rest of the group.

"What is going on with him doctor," asked Liam Locker

The doctor replied, "Nothing major, just a complicated  brain fart for him.  You see, a normal brain fart wouldn't affect someone as greatly as this.  With a brain like his, it does effect himself greatly."

Henry said, "When will be okay?"

"Tomorrow at least, maybe more."

"Okay" said Curtis.

Two days later Gabriel did become better and everybody was happy.  Gabriel then was able to find out that there were people tearing trees down in the Amazon Rain Forest.

"Like that is big news," said Curtis

Ben (short for Benjamin) asked, "What is the company's name?"

Gabriel replied, "Amazon Home Creator"

Liam said, "Okay."

The other problem was getting to the Amazon.  They were too young to drive and they were "enemies with everyone" so they couldn't take a plan or cruise.  Would they have to walk by foot or something else, what is going to happen to them.  Could they find the headquarters and fight there if it is near by.  What is going to happen?

The End

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