The Big Mistake

At first in their superhero careers they were supported by many, throughout the years people started to withdraw from supporting the group.  They brought destruction in the acts of protection.  They would destroy corporate buildings and kill hundreds in the process.  They would kill the CEO of the tree tearing down companies just to stop them.  They still had supporters after that until this one event that pushed their minds to not.

One time there was a huge company that it would be a huge struggle for the Tree Savers.  This company was Home Incorporated.  They would go through anything just to get land for new homes.  The Tree Savers eventually heard about this company and were going to put a stop to them.  The Home Incorporated heard about the Tree Savers and had a plan to get the land that they wanted from the Adirondacks.  They would post a fake headquarters on the media so the Tree Savers would go to the location. 

Unfortunately, the Tree Saver became furious when they couldn't find the real location, they eventually heard that this company was tearing down the trees in the Adirondacks.  It became a huge burden to the five superheroes and they went on an outrage at the area Home Incorporated were tearing down the trees.  They killed thousands of animals and including hundreds of employees and citizens of the village near by.  This outrage the people of the state and the government.  The government put them on a huge probation.  The Tree Savers had no more supporters except themselves. 

Somehow they were going to get people back on their sad, In their next mission, they could not kill anything or anybody.  The probation papers didn't state anything that they couldn't demolish anything, but to keep safe, they were going to limit themselves on the destruction.  It would take skill but they were going to have to.  How would it turn out?

The End

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