The Tree Savers

In the Adirondacks of New York there were a group of people that above ordinary.  There were not the awkward above ordinary, they were the smart, athletic, and somewhat weird above ordinary.  They were called the Tree Savers.  They would go through anything just to protect the Adirondacks from the companies wanting the wood of the forest's vast unknown.  Anything, including harm and possibly death.  They wouldn't protest, they would just fight, in a different way most people would.  The different fighting like super powers.

In the Tree Savers there were manly five people in the group; Henry Hostraf, Benjamin Bong, Curtis Canova, Liam Locker, and Gabriel Gooper.  They could be weird at most times.  These teenagers had some pretty strange powers, for instance Henry Hostaf had the power to bring the roots up to trap with the power of the plants to save the plants.  Benjamin Bong had the power of telekinesis, the act of controlling things with your mind.  It could come in handy for persuasion.  Curtis Canova had the power of water controlling to heal the plants for quick growth.  Liam Locker had the power to turn all liquid to solid and solid to liquid if it was previously liquid.  He could harden the blood of the enemy for the persuasion too.  He could stiffen the body which would help but not when he was angry at his fellow members.  Gabriel Gooper was the mad scientist of the group but was really smart, he could solve any riddle, he would make the formulas and potions for persuasion. 

Many people denied the Tree Savers until an event that pushed their minds until denying them even more.

The End

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