The Treaty

A flash fiction piece.

The alliance had been made and all sides were satisfied with the agreement. Each species would keep to its own kind—it was that simple. Only elected ambassadors from each species were allowed to fraternize with one another. Vampires ran with vampires, werewolves ran with werewolves. The peace would be kept this way, and any violation of the treaty was punishable by death—death for the violator and the violator’s family. No one on either side would risk such a violation. It had taken too long to end the war, and every species was weary from fighting.

Stalking his prey, Garrett moved through the woods silent and steady. Although he could morph at any time, he chose to hunt the traditional way, with bow and arrow. He thought it too easy to hunt as a wolf. His twin, however, chose to do everything in his morphed form. Gavin rarely appeared in human form at all anymore, even around his family. He loathed his human side, and sought to forget its existence. 

“How can you appear as one of them,” he scoffed at Garrett, “do you enjoy their weakness?”

“I enjoy the challenge. Besides, we’re not all animal. Not like you, anyway,” Garrett rebuffed.

“When I’m human, I resemble a vampire. I would rather be an animal than be mistaken for that filthy species.”

“The war is over, Gavin. Talk like that will only lead you into trouble.”

“The war is far from over, brother,” Gavin growled, sliding into the underbrush.

The stag lifted its head, sniffing the air for unseen danger. A second later it was dead—a solitary arrow through its heart. Garrett moved forward to retrieve his kill, slinging his bow over his shoulder. His family would feast well tonight. Even Gavin wouldn’t complain when he saw the size of Garrett’s quarry.

The lodge house was quiet as Garrett passed the sentry post and entered the village. The silence brought an unwelcome anxiety, giving Garrett the urge to morph. A solitary figure came to the entrance of the lodge.

“Mother, what’s wrong?” Garrett breathed as the woman approached.

“The treaty has been violated, son. We are all in danger.”

“What? Who is responsible?” 

“It was Gavin. You must find him and warn him.”

“But how? Did he slay a vampire?”

“No. It is much worse than that. We must flee now. Everyone else has gone.”

Leaving the stag on the ground, Garrett morphed. The fur enveloped him from head to tail, leaving only a trace of humanity in the wolf’s eyes. He must find his twin and discover what evil Gavin had done. There would be no going back now. The terms of the treaty had been clear, and his brother had issued a death sentence for his entire family. Garrett would be forced to spend his days in hiding, not knowing if the rest of his family was safe or destroyed. He would deal with Gavin himself, unless the vampires found him first. Only time would tell. 

The End

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