Tail of the dogMature

Wind ruffled the dog's thick black coat and he lifted his nose into the air and inhaled new scents all around him. The glint of a coin reflected in his amber eyes and he snatched it from the floor in his jaws.

Claws clicking on the pavement the dog trotted confidently down the alley way with the coin still gripped between his teeth, although saliva began to drip from his mouth. At the end of the alley way a bundle of rags moved and the man sat up and stretched. His long tangled black hair hung in his eyes as he shouted out aloud, 'Bob, where ya been ya little cur!'

The dog ran up to the man, dropped the coin at this feet and waved his tufty tail with glee. Bob turned around and around on the piece of dirty blanket and lay down nose to tail. With his eyes closed he was soon dreaming of chasing rabbits and his paws twitched and his nose wrinkled in excitement. 

The man picked up the coin and turned it over between his dirty hands, with nails as black as coal. 'Well I'll be damned,' he muttered and tucked it into his pocket. He lay down, put his arm around Bob and fell asleep with a broad grin on his dirt-ingrained face.

The coin slipped through the hole in his pocket and rolled away down the alley way, chinking loudly as it hit the uneven ground.      

The End

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