The wedding gift and the coin-GardeniasCastleMature

I was walking from the mall towards my car with empty hands. I've shopping all day for the perfect gift for my friend's wedding and the entire mall did not meet my expectations!

The car comes in my sight of view and I notice something shiny by the front wheel. I kneel down to see a coin. Thinking that my luck is about to change, I pick up the coin and drive to meet my friend Carrie.

Carrie is sitting on the high stool with her Starbucks latte. I quickly order my drink and sit down opposite her.

"Nothing," I admitted to my best friend.

"Me too," she replied. "Cammy had to make us creative! Doesn't she know that there are gift lifts that can be downloaded into our phones nowadays."

The barista brings over my drink.

"Thank you," I replied with a smile and take out the coin that I've found. "You know? Maybe we should give her this coin for a wedding gift? Serves her right!"

Carrie takes the coin away from me so fast that I didn't even feel her hand on mine.

"This coin has secrets! No way we are giving this to Cammy," Carrie said.

"I was kidding, you know," I replied and feel my bad mood getting worse. "Maybe, we can buy a stripper or something for an hour or something. That's a gift."

"I don't want a stripper," Cammy's voiced sounded  behind me. "But, that coin would do."

Carrie and I blush at our friend and shake our heads. "The coin is not good enough. You will have an amazing gift, just you wait."

Cammy reaches for the coin and a fight starts between the girls. I watch the fight with amusement until the coin slips out of Carrie's hand and rolls on the floor towards the door. It hits the door and I sigh in relief that I can still pick it up. However, the door opens, the coin rolls out, and I glare at the man who entered.

"Back to the drawing board," I muttered in annoyance.

Where will it be next?


The End

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