The RulesMature

This a collaboration where you have to be invited by the previous author.


My sister, long ago, gave me a coin that traveled the world. The point of that coin was to have an experience while holding on to it and when the experience was over, to hand it over to the next person.

When you get the coin, you have 24 hours to post your page, if you don't, then the person who passed on the coin to you, gets to choose another person. Again, that person has 24 hours to post and choose the next author. 

If you want to be a part of this collaboration, comment below and one of the authors will pass on the coin to you. 

At the end of your page, name the person that you're sending the coin to. Don't forget to comment on their profile page so they would know that it's their turn. 

Here's what you can write about:

  1. Your real experience on the day the coin gets in your possession.
  2. An experience one of your favorite characters has when receiving that coin.
  3. Any experience you can think of, be imaginable. Put your imagination to the test. 
  4. It can be 'mature content' but not too mature. 

The first author to post is @Fitzy. 

The End

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