The Traveller's Words

The stars winked at him from their cosy, dark blanket, and the moon gave him a mischievious smile. The leaves on the trees rustled gently, as the wind brushed past their outstretched fingers, frozen in time.

Dreams of the Gazer’s;
Open to me your Wonders
And let me pass.

I am sweet,
And able,
And very willing
To do your bidding;
Just let me pass.

I sit here and wonder
How long I can ponder
All your secrets
And mysteries…
Let me pass.

I wish to know,
I wish to believe,
In all your fantasies
And necessities;
Please, let me pass.

I am the Traveller, 
I come in peace,
I wish to know
What you behold;
Dear stars, please let me pass…

The Traveller’s eyes sparkled at the thought of adventure, and hope and wonder at discovering something new for the first time thrilled him. He closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh air. The prospect of the fictional world existing outside human eyes was unheard of, but not so much so that it wasn’t dreamed of. But if all our dreams came true, then what would be the point in dreaming? Dreaming is where we are free, and where anything can happen. If that is taken away, then what do we hope for?
The Traveller frowned as he realised that what he wanted could never be, and that his dream could never come true. He sighed a sorry sigh and looked down from the stars, for they would not help him.

The Traveller would have to just stick to travelling, after all.

The End

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