The journey

A travel everyone have to take, sooner o later.

Since my death I feel more agile, I do not feel my body. I had always thought that the afterlife did not exist, but surprisingly, when my heart stopped working I did not experienced anything special. Something came to stand beside me. I could feel his presence because I instilled a lot of peace, while it insinuated that the existence of all of us is eternal. For that reason, although it was aware of the despair of my family, I did not feel sadness or emotion for all that were suffering. Now, with time out of time and space without space everything is advertised as a hopeful waiting until I will recover my new body. Meanwhile, I can be in several places at the same moment and I can also live different times in the same place, this is why I know the character I will represent in my next back to life ... and it's amazing. And I will tell you soon.

The End

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