No way outMature

We hear the fire truck approaching. I noticed a child had put his hand over his ears cause of the loud noises. I smiled and mouthed 'it's okay' he looked down away from my gaze.

"Okay they're here!" a man staring out the window yelled

"Thank god I'm sweating my ass off!" An old woman from across the hall yelled

The smell of rotten meat tortured my nose and I gag again and my eyes start to water. I'm gonna throw up if we don't get out soon.

We hear the firefighters banging on the stair doors from the first floor

once.. twice... three times.. 

"I need more men!" 

BANG The doors fly open and the firemen rush up the stairs. CLANG

"WHAT THE HELL!"the man watching from the door screams

"What is it?" I ask

He backs up from the door and falls back against the wall. I push through the people and look out the window and see a man with a sword staring back at me and smiles.

He killed all those firemen.. every single one.

"Well?" an old woman says

"Their dead.. We.. are dead.."

The End

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