I woke up late and started to freak out. I then realized it was Saturday and laid back down. My dog, Maxie came up to lay with me. I scratched his head as he laid it on my stomach. This week went by so fast, with school and moving into my apartment. I got an amazing deal on the apartment though. Last room and right by my college, it was a beautiful place well taken care of and smelled nice. Unlike my old apartment which smelled like college students who.. well I shouldn't have to explain more. The decor is different in every room and hallway. My neighbors are sweet people and gave me welcoming gifts like a toaster, some cleaning supplies and home made variety of treats. The only thing I don't understand is the bars on the windows but I guess  so no one breaks in. It's not in the best place in town.

My name is Annarose, I'm 22 and studying to become a Veterinarian. Maxie my baby boy, has inspired me the most to do so. He's 13 and I fell in love with him the second I saw him at pet co. He's a purebred German Shepherd and loves to cuddle.

I pat his belly which is me telling him to get up. He flies off the bed and runs into the kitchen. I get up and put on my slippers and follow slowly behind him. I get my hair tie off the bed and put up my long brown hair in a bun. I grab the dog food and pour him some and begin to make my own breakfast. I sit down with the scrambled eggs and coffee and began to read the news on my laptop.

"Clear day today, Max!" He looks up at me and goes back to eating his food.

The End

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