An odd number.

So you start walking. Brockner leans heavily on you.

Within minutes, your hands become numb. Your exposed skin burns with cold. Words like hypothermia and frostbite escape your lips, only to become white misty vapor.

Several yards ahead, you see some large humps in the snow. You suggest to Brockner that you try and take shelter among them. He nods weakly.

As you draw closer, one of the humps shifts. Huge eyes blink out, followed by the opening of a mouth and the baring of teeth. You and Brockner halt.

In only a few seconds, the pair of you are surrounded by a pack of huge polar bears. These guys aren't cute & cuddly like Knut, no sir. The five that encircle you snarl like dogs, and have wicked, pointy teeth. 

The bears' foul breath sickens you. It's clear that in only a few seconds more, you and Brockner will be ripped into bite-sized pieces!



The End

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