You throw your laptop at the bald guy.

The laptop sails through the air and klunks Bald Guy right in the noggin. He roars with pain and clutches his head, dropping the box and what looks like a flattened silver sphere.

Your action galvanizes the others. They start throwing stuff at Bald Guy: hot cups of coffee, ceramic mugs of mocha, plates, napkin dispensers.

"Screw this!" Bald Guy scoops up the box and runs outside. He stops in the parking lot, and moments later he vanishes in a scatter of blue light.

Stunned silence in the coffeeshop. No one moves.

The manager breaks the spell by saying, "Leaping Jesus!"

Some people go over and check on Brockner. The manager spots the flattened silver sphere and bends down to retrieve it. A strange sense comes over you and you say: "Hey! Leave that for for the CSI people!"

The manager grumbles, but leaves the thing be. Without quite knowing why, you mentally sigh with relief.

Sirens in the distance. The police always seem to arrive when the action is over.

Well, your day has been ruined by an inexplicable event. Maybe next time you'll hang out at the library.

The End

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