You push the green button.

You hesitate for a fraction of a second, then press the green button.

The big dude batters through the entrance. He roars.

You throw yourself on top of the stranger.

A feeling of vertigo whirls your brain as you see a burst of prismatic colors from beyond time and space. The bottom drops out of your stomach and you feel like you're skydiving into infinity.

Before you can even scream, solidity returns with a WHUMPF! Only now, you're not in Starbucks anymore. You straighten up and look around, gawping.

You're in a vast field of ice and snow, flat and featureless as far as your eyes can see. Above you, the sky is the color of vanilla ice cream, the light so diffuse you can't tell where it's coming from.

Cold hits you like a mule kick to the chest. You gasp with sudden shock. White mist plumes from your mouth as thick as a Wendy's Frosty. Yeah, it's freezing out here!

The stranger stirs. He wheezes into the chill air.

"Are you all right?" you ask.

"C-cold," he replies, eyelids fluttering.

He's cold? You're wearing nothing but jeans, sneakers, and a sweatshirt.

You tell the man your name. He says his name is Brockner.

He struggles to sit up. "We must get moving, or we'll freeze."

"What happened? How did we get here? And where is here, anyways?"

"This is a random world. The jauntbox shifted us here when you pressed the button." He indicates the device on his chest.

You're starting to shiver. Twenty Questions can wait. You help Brockner to his feet.

"Say," you say, "can't we just shift, or jaunt, or whatever, to another world?"

"The power cell must recharge itself. Five hours."

"We'll be popsicles by then!"

"So let's get moving."

But where can you go in this desert of ice?

Pick a number at random. If even, take Branch 1. If odd, take Branch 2.

The End

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