You push the red button.

You stab your finger down on the red button. Things start to go hazy, and you feel an electric tingle all over.

The big bald guy batters through the entrance. You flinch. The world explodes into a prismatic spray of colors beyond space.

Your gut suddenly feels hollow. There's a lurching sensation, like the moment before a descending elevator stops. Then the world returns to normal. Problem is, it doesn't look like your world anymore!

You're in the middle of a ruined city. The buildings appear to be run down and mossy with time, but no obvious damage as you'd expect from a war.

The stranger stirs. You notice he's clutching your ankle. His eyes go wide and he bolts upright.

"No!" he croaks. "Wrong button!"

"Hey pal," you say testily, "you didn't specify which button. Now what just happened and where are we? And who are you, anyways?"

"Name's Brockner. We're back on the plague world. We jaunted."

"Whoa," you say, eyes bugging. "PLAGUE WORLD???"

"We can't stay in the open," Brockner says. "Help me up, we've got to move!"



The End

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