You fail to react in time.


Glass and metal go flying everywhere. A piece of something hits you in the head. You topple back over your chair and slam hard into the tile. Man, that hurts!

As you lay there, dazed, you hear the sound of boots crunching on glass. Then a rough male voice says, "Caught you at last!"

You drag yourself to a sitting position. The first thing you notice is a riderless motorcycle laying atop what used to be the front counter. Then you see a massive bald guy, dressed all in black, standing over the trench-coated man. 

Many of the coffeshop patrons are huddled near the back, cellphones out. Half of them are dialing 911; the other half are taking pictures and video.

"Thought you'd get away with this, eh Brockner?" Bald Guy says. He reaches down and rips the box from off the chest of the trench-coat man. You figure his name is Brockner.

Bald Guy raises his foot. He's going to stomp it into Brockner's face!

The End

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