{Dearest Colthan}Mature

{This letter was found pressed between the pages of the last entry date and the next date. On the insistence of Ms. Goodhart, the letter is included here in its entirety}

Dearest Colthan,

I hope they are feeding you well? Tracy tells me you're working on something groundbreaking. I've also heard of the lack of security around the place as of late. Don't let the monsters get in there, you here me boy? Don't let them! Tracy said she saw one - but also said she stole some drugs from St. Clemens. Bad, bad, girl. I hope this letter finds you well, my dear. My bees have supplied me with enough honey now to paint a thousand slices of bread. You did so love the bees, don't you remember?
Don't forget to wash behind your ears.

Write back soon,

PS: What's this about?

{A news article is taped to the bottom of the letter regarding the disappearance of a boy named Peter Wynegarth that vanished mysteriously from St.Clemens without any record of his leaving the institute on the security tapes}


The End

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