To my relief, she Tracy showed up today. She was a little frazzled about her attack, but she seemed alright. The creature she described was nothing of this world. Well of course it's not of this world, you dolt. She called it a shadow, a great darkness that threatened to overwhelm her. I could only imagine the fear it instilled in her heart. I attempted to comfort her, but she was still angry over the incident with 2. She is a fool. I can't say that I blame her for her reaction. You should blame her though. It was quite horrifying when we found that 2's room was empty even though it was locked from the outside. How was it horrifying exactly, Christopher? I believe that my experiment regarding the subject went a little too well. (See entry seven, document 6) [It is believed that this is referencing the supposed medical journal Dr.Kruel kept] The curious thing about 2's disappearance was the burn mark on the floor encircling two footprints. Tracy thinks he was somehow electrocuted but I beg to differ. How could he have been electrocuted when there were no electrical outlets in the room. We didn't even use an electrical lock on the door. The answer is so simple but you can't see it can you? My...attack... has caused a lasting effect. There are moments when I'll black out and when I awaken I'll find myself in a different place, wearing different clothes, doing strange things. According to my secretary, on the last incident, I was gone a whole week from St.Clemens. I fear that Tracy's 'monster' is somehow possessing me. Why else would it attack the woman that I love care about? Because these attacks only happen at night, I've begun the habit of locking myself in my room. I have the hospital's guards keep me from leaving during the night. Even if I have to get up to take a pis pee they don't let me out. Good on them. I knew I'd hired the right men. I'll escape, just you wait and see. You are not stronger than I am, Christopher.

The End

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