These feelings you are experiencing are not true. The only thing that is true are the thoughts in your mind, limited by the innermost walls of your skull.

Mankind has always been drawn to electricity and fire. These elements come from somewhere else. They are otherworldly. They originate in the Fourth Realm, (Sphere, world, whatever you wish to call it). Listen to me Christopher, you must listen.

This is the new Earth he has promised us. There are some who doubt he will actually grant this treasure to us.

Some have seen things that others cannot and know how to slip between the cracks into the Fourth World. Most believe this to be a myth but I know it to be truth. I am your insanity Christopher. I am everything that you fear and more. I am the curse that will haunt you until you lie in your grave and even then I will haunt you still. Christopher you will not remove this page because I told you to. Listen carefully now. If you want to achieve your goals, and reach the Fo-

Oh my god. Whats go

[At this section of Dr.Kruel's journal, there is a series of unintelligible scribbles. It has been theorized that he was attempted to sketch something]

Oh my god what have I written? What is this? What was I doing before this? I don't know what's happening to me. My mind feels like its been thrown into a blender. I can taste iron, like blood, on the back of my tongue. I'm writing in blood. Oh my god. I've finally lost all of my

The End

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