5 has finally begun to break away from the others after I supplied with various sharp metal bits and bobs. Eventually I had to stop her because she almost cut open a major artery. The true origin of the blood is unknown. It is the matter that comes from the Fourth World. It feeds our souls.

I had to clean off the blood in order to play it, but I kept some so I could study it. The blood appeared to be wet and refused to dry. It was very....odd. I would say strange, but everything I deal with on a day to day basis is strange. Upon listening to the recording, it appears that my good friend Tracy has been attacked by someone. Hopefully, she wasn't hurt. The blood obviously can't be hers, because she is human and human blood coagulates. Which offers the question, whose blood is it? Please God, don't let her be dead I'd never forg    I think I

I was distracted today by another matter of blood which prevented me from examining the disc's blood, ie. 5. 5 can see things the others cannot.

The times between my episodes are growing shorter and shorter. 12 keeps insisting that I quit my research and the experiments which I have inflicted upon myself. Sometimes I wonder if I should, what if I'm wrong and there isn't a d I keep finding things in my journal that shouldn't be there. I don't remember writing them. In an effort to clear my head, I've been ripping those pages out. For some reason I can't bring myself to tear out the very first page that documents my insanity.

Weep not, Christopher. Madness is merely another name for genius.

The End

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