'Dear Dr.Kruel'Mature

[The following is an audio recording disc found within the pages of Colthan Kruel's diary. On the surface of the disc is the words 'Dear Dr. Kruel' written in sharpie.]

[A woman's voice reads the following:]

Voice 1:

This reply will never reach you. Or maybe it will. I guess it depends on whether I actually wish to establish contact between us again. After what happened to Subject #2, I couldn't bear to look at you again. Have you no humanity? Take a good look in the mirror, Christopher, and ask yourself if this is really worth it. How do you even know that that other place exists? You have no physical evidence as such. And don't give me that garbage that your patients are the physical evidence. I know better than that. I am not a child. I don't -

[A sharp scream is heard and the sound of something breathing]

Voice 1: Oh my god...

[There is a muffled sound as though whatever was recording the message has either been knocked over or covered by something]

[A new voice enters the scene. It is unidentifiable, neither male nor female]

Voice 2: Your existence is no longer needed.

[End of recording]

The End

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