This leads me to the theory that our world is a carefully constructed illusion.

 'Is not this world an illusion? And yet it fools everybody.'
- Angela Carter

This illusion can only be broken by death. I don't want to die now no And only if you do not cling to this realm and its occupants.

7 once told me that everything appeared 'surreal' here after seeing 'the other side', as he put it. The Other Side of what?

This was after my intial test of placing 7 in a tank of water. I electrified it via a hairdryer that was plugged in.

7 has proven to have a high tolerance for pain and electrical shock. He is the only man I have ever known to be struck by lightning twice and still live to tell the tale. - That is, to tell it reasonably with no actua considerable brain damage. I will continue shock treatment with 7 until 5 shows further promise in this field of interest.

The hospital is a lie

The End

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