The truth? If I told you the truth, I'd become one of my patients at St.Clemen's. They'd strap me into a straight jacket and leave me in some padded cell, forget about me, and find my dead body years later. That is of course, what I have done in the

For the purpose of this journal of incredible  truths  lies  impossible things, I will tell you.

These fragile mortal bodies of ours are merely shells that, like any egg, can be broken open. By breaking them open before they are 'hatched', for lack of a better word, the soul is unprepared to move on to the next realm.

There are many kingdoms, the kingdom of the imagination, the kingdom of fire, the kingdom of light, and the kingdom of dirt and filth - the Earth.

This soul tends to linger until it is ready to move on. Proof of this phenomena can be found in ghost sightings. Now at this point, you're probably ready to dismiss all of this as fiction but believe me, I know these things to be true. Subject 12 insists that her dead sister is still with her, as real and as tangible as you or I. Unlike most who claim to see ghosts, 12 says that her sister is corporeal. When I was near her during one of our sessions, I experienced a cold chill as though someone had 'walked over my grave' so to speak. It is quite similar to the sensation one gets I believe I was actually encountering 12's sister.

The dead walk among us

The End

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