The ςtrangε Joμrηal of Colτhan κruεlMature

And yet another work/collection/thing I probably won't ever finish because I'll lose interest. Oh well, here goes nothing....

Oh how I wish these half formed thoughts of mine could weave a world where I would belong. My broken words and empty promises are the products of insanity in this realm. The mad rantings of a lunatic. One night they shall find me ba  If I could shape a world where people like me could exist, find one another, be sane, I could be like a god amongst them. But don't we all dream of being like gods? We all strive for this in the depths of our hearts for we have all been shaped in the image of such a god. It is not within reach of mortal man to become - Only with the power of those from the Fourth World can you truly achieve this.

To become gods. For there is only one god which we must all bow to. In the end I shall awaken in the morning and find these midnight scribbles upon these scraps of paper to be slightly blasphemous and completely mad. Like always, I won't remember writing this.

I am finding myself becoming increasingly distracted. Soon sanity will claim me and sleep will embrace me in its claws.

In these few moments of clarity I have left, I urge you to ne

The Fourth World is Real

The End

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