The training


" Put your back into it laddy!" shouted Alshazar, "You must work on your spontaneous combustion spells!"

Alzhazar had been training Quazzar in the arts of warlockey since he came to her a month ago. He was a thin, weak, and hateful creature when he came, but now, he was a true warlock. Being a whopping 3,000 years old, Alzhazar had trained a great many warlocks, at least until the incident. Alzahazar knew that she needed to tell Quazzar the truth about what happened to the warlocks, and the truth on why they were training in a backlot in Tokyo.

" Quazzar?" asked Alzhazar quietly, not wanting to startle him while he worked on his combustion spells.

"Yes Alzhazar?" Quazzar responded in a bored tone.

" You must know what happened to the warlocks, if you are to defeat Jauntezza in a week, when the planets align. The warlocks were powerful beings, who would take on the extreme force in the universe known as STUEPID. STUEPID was a living force that would suck the intelligence out of people. Warlocks would use their powers to reverse the effects of STUEPID and actually use it to make people smarter. Egypt, Greece, and Rome were the first societies to feel the effects of reverse STUEPID. They accomplished wonders. But one day, about 30 years ago, back in the 1980s, the planets aligned. The STUEPID force washh magnified by a million and was shot straight at America. The warlocks exerted all their power to stop the STUEPID force, and died. STUEPID radiation from the magnification is still falling on the earth, most directly at the home of your family, the Rayz. But the most concentrated piece of STUEPID radiation lies in Jauntezza, who, ironically, is one of the smartest beings in the world. She plans to absorb your power, since you, Quazzar, were indulged with most of the REVERSE STUEPID radiation, as the warlocks deemed you worthy. If she strips you of your power, there would be no one to stop her from using the magnified STUEPID power to turn everyone on earth into her mindless slaves. You are humanity's last hope."

Quazzar was puzzled, but not at all scared. He knew he would have to face Jauntezza anyways if he wanted to be accepted in this world.

" Why wasn't Jauntezza's intelligence sapped, and why and how did the warlocks pick me?" They died like, 30 years ago right?" asked Quazzar.

"These are questions that I do not know the answer to, but I know this: In exactly one week you will have to strip Jautezza of her power to stop the rise of the dystopian society that she has in mind for us." Alzhazar replied.

Quazzar was about to bombard her with another torrent of questions when a slow, sinister clap broke his train of thought.

"Brilliant explanation Alzhazar," crooned Jautezza, who had suddenly emergered from the shadows of the back lot. "Although we both know that it was flawed. You forgot to mention the part where a slowly kill the warlock for BLINDING ME! Your entire life Quazzar, your entire life was spent with me slowly draining away your intelligence, therefore helping me to become smart. But you were too stubborn, like a stupid animal. When I decide to make all your dreams come true by finally sucking away all your power, you blow up my tree, and my troll, and you blind me! But that is of no matter to me. On the day of the arrival of the STUEPID force, I will use its power to destroy this world, and go on to overtake planets as numerous as the stars!"

Quazzar had no doubt in his mind that this fox was insane, but he had his doubts. Why would Jautezza tell them her plan?


The End

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