The Carpet Hides The Truth

I wonder if anyone will ever find him.

He had left me tainted and unloved on the red carpet of his spotless apartment. Funny how his carpet was full of stains in comparison to his almost perfect life.

I wonder what my parents will think when they find me? If they ever find me. I hope they make it through the search for me.

I had only gone over because we were having an argument over our relationship and he had suggested speaking face to face. He was never one for confrontations.

I feel a weatherless chill and I wonder if it is the blood that is seeping from my body into the all ready stained carpet. I can almost feel the memory of the thick, warm fluid as it escaped from my unmoving body; now a corpse.

I walk around the platform that I have magically appeared on, trying to figure out my location. How did I come about this area when the last thing my eyes had seen was Jake's still, calculating body on the coach in front of me.

My parents had never liked him, but I had come to his rescue every time. My friends had told me of his insane ways and of his unrealistic behavior. I was blinded by love, can there be any better defense?

I had been twenty-five when I had met him in a park near my house a year ago. I was with my friend Sandra and she had been the first one to notice how cute he was.

The fog that is blinding me is stifling and I wonder if I will ever be able to feel the freedom of an unblocked vision.

His first present for me had been a little brown bear with my name, Kelly, stitched in the center beside a heart. His answers at the dinner table at home were unsettling, but yet, I couldn't see any malicious intents. I simply loved him.

I touch my black hair and am surprise to feel the soft, dry long strands of hair as it flows down my back in puddles of ivory. Wasn't it wet with the tears of a broken life before? The red had tainted me enough that I was blind to his following blows. I am sure that the mess I left behind must not have been easy for him.

I wonder if I was the first.

Or if I will be the last.

I hear a long whistle in the distance and I go near the edge, much like I had done when I was a child. I had always loved trying to see the bringer of my curiosity; the vessel for some of the greatest adventures in life sometimes comes too slow and we must take a peek!

I close my eyes after seeing a tiny light in the distance and try to remember what my family had looked like. My mother, with her waves of black hair, had a smile that had dispelled the darkness of my childhood nightmares. My poor father, sick of not having a son, but instead a daughter who had been enough of a fool to get defeated by the lover she trusted most.

The train is now closer and I can see a silhouette through the fog. I move slowly backwards, so as to not be too close and then stop short, reminding myself that now I have no reason to fear death.

I wonder if he will ever be caught; the murderer who took my life away from me; who took a daughter away from a family. A murderer whose carpet looked too dirty to be part of his falsely pure life.

The train stops in front of me and a handsome man smiles at me from within.

"Hey Kelly, welcome; may I take you to your next destination?"

I sigh and ask the only question that appears in my head at that moment. "Will my parents be okay?"

He nods and beckons me into the train. I oblige with one last look behind me.

What a messy world I leave behind me.

The End

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