Tube of Drawings


Melissa pulled the collar of her winter coat up, tucking her dark hair inside.  It was clear, beautiful but, you could see your breath.  She glanced at her watch,  he would be showering, probably wondering where she'd gone.  She was sure he thought she was still on her jog, it would be a while before he figured it out and she planned to be long gone by then.

She pulled her bag closer to her.  She wondered what he would do when he found out.. Would he search each of their favorite places, would he scream, cry, cuss?   Perhaps he'd call the police, then, another thought made her cringe.. with his connections.. would he.. she opened the bag... it wasn't that much money.

The station was almost empty, a few people scattered here and there.  Glancing around briefly she headed for a bench.  Deep in thought weighing options, thoughts living and dying in her mind.  She tried to relax, just people watch,  she noticed a tube, looked like an artists tube, in the trash bin.

There were lines and arrows and inches of differing sizes, she recognized the architectural drawing of a building.  All the lines were straight, some were heavy, some broken but, all headed for the same end..  It gave her chills, or as her Nana would have said, "Someone just walked over my grave."

The End

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