Track 1: Lisa Windenn

Lisa wrapped her arms around her body. She wasn't cold. Physically at least. It would be an understatement to say it had been a long day. She sighed and moved her hands to her stomach. The doctor was right it just felt like bad period cramps.

Where was that damn train? She wanted to go home and cry. What would they think of her now? Good little Lisa had an abortion. She supposed she shouldn't care they weren't there. They didn't know what went on. Who were they anyway? Probably the worest of the worest. Women. Women were catty. Men would tell you straight. She'd rather some one call her names to her face.

Lisa sighed again. Then akwardly looked at her watch. The train was late and her eyes were tearing up. She didn't want a kid not yet, anyway. Medical school was demanding. Another understatment. Then ofcourse their was her unpleasant job as a barmaid. Drunks were anonying to deal with when you weren't cutting them open. If only she had time to look for another job. She was just making ends meet. Lisa was never home. She couldn't have a child.  She was already neglecting her cat.He was turning into a bowling ball. Ofcourse all he cared about was having food and water and nice sunny window ledge to lie on. Why was she getting defensive? She didn't care what anybody thought about her.She wiped her eyes and looked up. Some one told her looking up would help the tears dry faster or something....maybe they had talked about it in class. She couldn't think.

Lisa didn,t hear the train pull up but she was nearly knocked over by the force of it. It  sort of reminded her of him...The one that sneaked up on her. She had priorities and men were not one of them. Lisa broke that rule. Her most important rule. Books before B*****. She wanted him....needed him...loved him...But she would not get tied down. She would not be that girl.

He was going to be anonyed when he found out she was pregant. He was going to be mad that she wasn't ....anymore.

The End

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