The Train Ride you missed

The Train ride you missed


The vibrations enter in your ear,

Whorling sounds from that train so near.

It’s just passing through, only here for a moment.

            Till it disappares - - - onto the next place, to pass through there.

Just for an instance, you conciderd jumping on, your mind wondered, to those far off places- - -

            Where you could go and start anew.

                        You would be free,

            There would be no obligations- -  no people to please,

                                    Just you;

Passing through- - -

                                    Enjoying the ride.


Soul soaring,

                                                Heart light,


Reality seets in- - - your wandering halts,

As the last train car rounds the bend-

And you are left- - -




                                    For what might have been………

The End

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