In Peace, Sons bury Fathers but in War Father's Bury Sons

CurseBlade eventually came back. LightBlade was looking after his and her children, DeathBlade was much older now, round about ten years old. Five years of peace now gone. CurseBlade was now in much fouler mood, Light just remain quiet while looking after her children.

"Put them down for one minute, follow me" CurseBlade ordered her

Light nodded instantly and placed BloodBlade in Death's arms, followed her husband. DeathBlade went quiet again, he took Flash and BloodBlade to their secret room to hide again. Couple hours went by, Death sat against the wall as the cries of his mother were heard. CurseBlade just finished taking her by force before beating her even harder then before.

"You don't do anything without my say!" 
"I'm sorry!"
"SORRY! I'm your husband, you're my wife, and you’ll do as I say. I OWN YOU!"

DeathBlade couldn't take anymore, he looked around for a weapon to hit his father with, the only thing he could find was his mother's old war hammer. It was heavily and kind of difficult to carry or hide but he managed to drag it out and opened the door of the room. Death dragged it to where his father was, barely managed to lift the huge thing but he did. WHACK! Death whacked him straight down; CLASH BANG Curse fell to the floor with a thud.

"Mother, get up. Flash take her to bathroom"

FlashBlade took her mother to the bathroom. Flash was only 5 now but very smart and strong getting like Death was. She had stunning light pink hair like her mother and her dad's deep blue eyes. She had the perfect body becoming but sadly she would never get use it like normal girls would, she would never wear a dress or be a girl in that sense. She would live the life of a Blood Knight or Paladin.

"S-Sorry baby"
"Its okay mommy"

A two year old BloodBlade came running in to his mommy, FlashBlade hugged her mom and then her brother. BloodBlade had the dark brown and the emerald green eyes of his mother but he was obsessed with fire.

"O-Oh baby, you brunet yourself again"
"Nuh uh mama"
"You're hands are black though"
"W-where from?"
"Flash teacher came round"

FlashBlade nodded, her teacher was very understanding. When things at home got to much, their teacher would take them in. FlashBlade smiled up at her, LightBlade tidied herself up and then she heard a very...strange sound. It was their father, CurseBlade actually crying. LightBlade rushed over, there was Death stood over his dad with hammer about to deliver another blow.

"DEATH. No!"

DeathBlade growled and snarled demonically. CurseBlade cowered, his face black and blue. This took LightBlade by shock, Flash hide behind her mom same as BloodBlade, both hide.

"I have had it with you!"
"Death drops it!"
"Death, Violence doesn't end Violence"

DeathBlade dropped the hammer, kicked his father instead. CurseBlade eventfully snapped again, threw his son against the wall. Little Death body bounced against the wall but Death got back up and fought with his dad, VERY had but ended up losing and being locked in his room. FlashBlade took Blade, her younger brother to the hidden room. CurseBlade turned to Light, started to beat her again.

"You! You made him do this to me!"
"No Curse, I would never!"
"I'm not!"
"You know I hate lying"

FlashBlade held her brother closely. Sat listening to beatings and her mother crying anymore, the longer they went on. The further they would push Flash, she was eventfully losing all the light heartiness of a child and becoming shallow and empty inside. She had one friend at school, little Dreanei child called StruckDown.

"Why he beat for?"
"I don't know little brother"
"He meanie"
"Shh I know"

Blade hides into her, crying his eyes out. Flash held him closely, eventfully the beatings stopped, CurseBlade had left the house to go and meet his friends again. He was always getting drunk and usually got more violent. 

After couple minutes LightBlade eventfully got up, broke the lock of Death's room. He sat there in corner, shaking and crying to himself. LightBlade ran and picked him up. DeathBlade hide into her, he was only trying to protect her. 

"Shush okay my child"
"I HATE him!"
"Shush, don't talk like that"
"He calls you bad things, treats you like you're rubbish"

LightBlade cleaned him up and got him into clean clothing. She looked at the hammer which was covered in blood, she couldn't help but smile to herself. DeathBlade looked up at her, confused.

"Yes my child?"
"I do good"

LightBlade smiled to herself, DeathBlade face light up instantly. LightBlade went and got her daughter and Blade out, little Blade ran into her arms instantly and sobbed his heart out. Already wet from the previous hours he spent crying and he had been to toilet in his pants from being scared that much.

"Aw baby, let’s go get you clean up"

Little Blade nodded and as he clung to his mommy, LightBlade took him into his room and changed him into nice clean clothing. She picked up the blood stained clothing from Death and the wet clothing from Blade, she took them into kitchen and washed them perfectly clean.

"Thank You mom"
"Its okay baby"
"Can we have milk?"

LightBlade stopped washing, got out three bottles of milk, one big one for DeathBlade, Medium one for Flash and small one for BloodBlade. She handed her three children to the three bottles of milk, they sat outside happily drinking.

"Why does he do this to me...?” LightBlade sobbed

Flash frowned hearing her mom crying, she went over to some flowers in the garden and began to create a arrangement's of flowers for her, all in blue, purple and pinks her favourite colours. She took the ribbon from her hair, tied it around the flowers and went to give them to her mom. 


No answer but more crying was heard, another man's voice on top of it. FlashBlade put the flowers down on the table, picked up a knife and crept forward towards the main bedroom upstairs. As she got closer to the table, the crying got louder and louder. She carefully opened the door; saw her mom being forcefully taken by her one of dads friends.


LightBlade hided herself away, the man got up and growled at Flash. Flash threw the knife and hit him in the leg, he stumbled backwards and fell out of window. BANG. DeathBlade had heard the bang, ran to investigate further, he took the dead man body and burred in the woods close by.

This got better at one stage but the abuse and suffering of LightBlade continued, eventfully she would fight back from time to time but nothing would work. What makes matter worse, another baby is still to come. StillBlade.


The End

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