Pain and Relief. A Desparte cry

The Story of LightBlade: Part 3

The abuse continued, DeathBlade is now five years of age. FlashBlade, first of three daughters has come into the war, hides in fear of her father while a five year old DeathBlade fights off his father to defend his mother. LightBlade looks over to at her two kids, now with child for a third time.

"Back off mommy!" DeathBlade shouts
"Stupid child! Out of my way!" Curse shouts back.

DeathBlade punches and kicks his dad really hard, struggling to get his mother free. FlashBlade crawls over to her mother, cuddles her protectively. DeathBlade with seemly empty eyes, growls demonically at his father. CurseBlade eventfully loses it again, throws DeathBlade across the room, his little body bounces against the wall. He gets up again.

"Please..father. Don't hurt her anymore"

CurseBlade locked Flash in her room and made DeathBlade, batter and torture his mother again. DeathBlade becomes silent again, he growls and grabs the lamp next to him throws it at his dad.

"I said back off!"
"Yes, Leave her alone"

After another twenty minute beating, LightBlade eventfully feel still and quiet. CurseBlade stormed off to his room, leaving LightBlade to bleed and cry silently to herself, DeathBlade jumped down from the couch and ran over to his mother. He tried hard to stop the bleeding. It's no big surprise that DeathBlade became withdrawn, anger and hateful in his elder years.

"D-Did he hurt you baby?" LightBlade asked while holding him
"Nu uh mommy, I'm okay"

Couple minute later, Flash cry was heard. Horrified and concerned LightBlade forced herself up and ran to her daughter, Flash was cowering in the corner with her father hand raised to hit her again. LightBlade, pushed him hard, he fell hard against the wall and was knocked out cold. That provided some relief.   

"M-Mama" Flash whimpered

LightBlade picked her up and calmed her, holding her daughter closely. She heard some of Curse's friends come in, Flash whimpered. She picked up DeathBlade as well and hide them in the secret room until they had left. Flash and her brother sat in that room, listening to the taunts, insults and rude comments they made about their mother, DeathBlade knew they were taking advantage of his mother, if not that taking her by force just like his father did sometimes. LightBlade couldn't fight, she just struggled on like normal.

Couple hours later, it eventfully stopped. The door slammed shut again. DeathBlade ran to his mother, finding her placing her clothes back on which were ripped and destroyed.

"Mother...not again?"
"Its okay son"

DeathBlade helped his mother up and got her on the couch, low mumbling was heard from upstairs. DeathBlade tensed up, cleaned up his mother wounds and bandaged up the wounds.

"I'll go get you some other clothes"
"O-Okay baby"

DeathBlade went upstairs. He got some his mother some clean clothes and came back to his mother a couple minutes later. FlashBlade still sat hiding in that secret room, DeathBlade helped his mother get dressed.  

"Ah, Thank You, baby"

LightBlade had stopped dressing in beautiful clothes which highlighted her beautiful body, she wore more plain clothes which hide away all her bruises and scars which Curse had given her over the years. Make up to hide the black eyes and scratches and burns.

"Is he awake?" LightBlade asked quietly
"No, just mumbling in pain. I called a doctor to take him to medic place"
"He should be here soon"
"What did you say?"
"Said, he had a fall and his out cold and bleeding"
"Some relief, if only for a couple days"

Couple minutes later, the Doctor came in took one look at LightBlade holding her son and cowering in the corner of the couch. He was instantly alarmed, he went upstairs and got CurseBlade on a medical stretcher and took him away. LightBlade went to get Flash now, when she opened the door, she saw her little Flash shaking and wet.


FlashBlade looked up at her, her eyes bright red and her body cold. She reached for her mother. LightBlade picked her up, held her closely.

"You're wet baby..."

LightBlade took Flash in her nursery which was a blank room with small cot and some broken toys scattered around the room, LightBlade had bought the toys which Curse just broke instantly.

"Calm now baby"
"Wub you mama"
"I love you too"

LightBlade changed her, brushed her hair carefully. Flash was bruised and sore now. By this childhood, we now have the mighty hammer of Justice, the knight of the Lord of Sea. FlashBlade. LightBlade put the fire on, placed her children there to keep warm while she went to prepare food.

"Big brother?" Flash whimpered

Silence came from DeathBlade, he only looked at her as she reached out for him. DeathBlade held her closely. A clash was heard from the kitchen, DeathBlade ran instantly to the kitchen.

"T-The Baby, h-he's coming!"

DeathBlade ran out of the horse, to FrostWind House down the road. FrostWind was a young man at this time, DeathBlade took him to his mother who was in the early stages of labor.

"Easy now my lady, easy"
"I-It hurts"
"I know, easy now breathe"

Another long birth, seven hours in Labor and eventfully another son. Healthy baby boy with brown hair and deep black eyes, like his brother before him. Innocence radiated from him, he was the image of happiness.

With Curse in hospital recovering, how will he react to his wife attack on him or how will he react to another son. Three children, we know as DeathBlade The Terror of the North, Knight of Hades. FlashBlade, Hammer of Injustice, Bringer of Peace, Knight of Poseidon. Finally, BloodBlade the Dragon Tammer, The Crusher of Scourge and the Knight of Aries.

Part 3 now ended. Part 4 to come.

The End

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