The Spiral of Despair: Birth of a Son

The Story of LightBlade: Part 2

The big day, the spiral starts to unravel. While the whole elven kingdoms have gathered to watch one of their brave knights get married, where is CurseBlade. Drinking in the local bar drinking himself stupid, but when hes drunk he gets...violent.

"I'm so excited, I'm finally getting married" LightBlade squealed in joy
"Its a very special day indeed" Her friend replied
"So, how do I look?"
"Like a million dollars"

LightBlade was in the most amazing dress, with tiny white roses on her dress. LightBlade smiled brightly when her friend nodded, couple minutes later a crash and violently swearing was heard. It had begun already, LightBlade run out.

"What's going on?"
"Lady LightBlade, your husband to be was throwing things around and threatening the guests"

LightBlade looked at him, walked over to him. He lashed out there, that was it. On her wedding day in front of all these people, the violence begun. He scratched her face, tears rolled down her face in pain and heartache.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.." He whimpered
"You hit me.."
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"

LightBlade looked at the guards, she couldn't let him be taken away so she tried to make the best of what already was a bad problem like she normally does.

"Let him go"
"If you wish, my lady" The Guards let him go as they replied.

CurseBlade got back up again, went over to Light. Who was trying to hide the marks on her face which he had just given her. CurseBlade took her hands.

"Will you still have me, as you're husband?"
"O-Of course"

The wedding went on, they eventfully got married. Curse had inherited a huge house from his parents, later on Curse lost it again. He beat Light again, this time Light curled up in a ball. Scared for her life.

"I-I thought you loved me.."

CurseBlade didn't answer, he just walked off and sat in his bar. Drinking. Oh what woe it is, to see the sad decline of a noble. LightBlade laid there, scared and alone. What had she just join, she just married a jackal and hide. She got back up, cleaned herself up. Got changed and whiling getting changed, she felt a strange movement within her body, like tiny feet kicking against her stomach.

"I-I'm with first child"

CurseBlade heard her, he calmed down slowly and went to her. He eyes had some regret in them but they looked more evil.

"I'm sorry for hitting you and beating you, but what did you just say?" His voice had no sorriness or regret in it, just sounded dull and empty.

"I-I'm with child..."
"That's amazing. I'm so happy"

CurseBlade voice still sounded empty, more possessive and angry. LightBlade put his hand on the kicking, first child. DeathBlade, first of many sons which they would have together.

"I'm going, to lay down okay"
"Okay Curse"

CurseBlade went to lay down, leaving Light by herself again. Couple hours later, LightBlade was laid on the couch, in her dressing robes. She couldn't image what would happen next, Curse came back downstairs got her by the neck, held her up by the ceiling.

"YOU. are mine. you will do as i say, without complaint or refusal. HEAR. me"

LightBlade nodded, scared for her life. She was held up there for minutes on end, being choked until Curse threw her on the floor. Hard. LightBlade cried silently on the floor, gasping for breath and praying he would change. Sadly, he didn't. He just got worse.

"What did I do deserve this?" She cried to herself as Curse watched her weeping and crying.

"You are a worthless, weak and stupid, hear me. NO one will listen to you, no one loves you"

LightBlade cried to herself, Curse true side was beginning to show already. There was nothing she could do, she was his by law now.

"THIS is your fate" He shouted to her

This continued, didn't get easier just harder and more cruel. By the time she went into labor with DeathBlade, the nurses and doctors were horrified to see the once brave and friendly knight, cowering when every male tried to touch her.

"Easy now, easy now" One of the Doctors tried to calm her.
"P-Please, d-don't hurt me"
"Easy, we won't hurt you"

Ten hours in labor wasn't easy, it was very painful birth. But when the baby did come, LightBlade was overwhelmed by sudden feeling of hope, she had something to live for her, it wouldn't matter how much she suffered as long he didn't hurt their children.

"It's a boy my lady, healthy and strong"
"I-I'm so glad"
"We're going to clean you"
"O-oh okay"

The doctors cleaned her, exposing burn marks on her chest and back. Extreme black bruises, she could have multiple broken ribs because LightBlade was scared and feeling like her husband yelled at her every night just as the beatings stopped, worthless.

"My little DeathBlade"

The baby cooed incontinently in her arms, such innocents radiated off him. It calmed her sadly she knew she had protect her child from his cruel father. Sadly we know, that DeathBlade would witness the beatings and his life would be scared forever by this. When LightBlade was finally released from the hospital, she slowly walked home huddling and hiding her son.

"Where have you been?" A dark voice asked her, it was curse in full blown rage.
"G-Giving birth, husband"

CurseBlade evil that he was, took the child and placed him on the couch. Cruelly made that innocent baby watch the cruel torture and beatings his father inflicted on his mother, LightBlade could only cry but she didn't scream. Little Death fell silent. His eyes weld up with tears. He reached for small knife that his dad laid on the couch, throw it at his dad making him drop his mom.
LightBlade got her son, calmed him quietly. CurseBlade just stormed off back to counting his money, poor LightBlade wasn't allowed any friends. She was treated like a slave and Curse friends were happily repeat the same as their master.

End of Part 2, Part 3 to come

The End

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