The tragic life of LightBlade

Some people are born lucky, some others fall into despair and pain, sadly for our hero, this is the reality of everyday life.
This is her story.

The Story of Lady LightBlade

LightBlade is known as the First Hammer of Justice, the Elven warrior who stood up against a towering army of Orcs. Now, LightBlade the once happy and intelligent person, is destroyed physically and mentally. She raised nine children by herself even though she was married, but being married to a greedy, violent, repulsive man who didn't care about anything but his money and the cruelty he inflicted on others.

But it wasn't always like this way. LightBlade was happy, very intelligent, brave, noble and a out going person, that how she used to be.

It's a dark cloudy evening. The Elven armies are preparing to go home after a long twelve year war to rescue their kingdoms back. A happy solider in light pink and silver armor is helping the wounded into medical carts. This Solider is LightBlade, the Hammer of Justice.

"All the injured are on, sir!" She shouts back into the tents.

A voice comes back "Very Good, LightBlade"

LightBlade now begins cleaning up the rest of armor, completely unaware that she is being watched. The detester known as CurseBlade, but Light didn't know who or what he was,
her long brightly colored pink hair blew in the wind. CurseBlade inched forward slowly from behind his tree.

"Excuse me? Ma'am?"
"Oh Hello, sir. May I help you?"
"A-Are you Lady LightBlade?"
"That I am"
"You're so beautiful and strong"

Oh what woes would have been avoided if these two, didn't meet but at least I go off track, back to our story. LightBlade smiles her bright, warming smile at him and the quiet and somewhat creepy CurseBlade calmed and smiled back.

"I've watched you, since the war began. You are amazing my lady"
"You are too kind"
"And you are modest, you must be everyman dream"
"Sadly I am nether dating, married or other"
"I do not see why"

LightBlade finished packing up her belongings, put her weapons onto her back and her helmet upon her head. Bowed politely to him.

"Wait?" CurseBlade took her hand desperately.
"Please, c-can we meet again?"
"Of course, there is small elven port, we'll meet there in two days"
"You have a date"

LightBlade jumped on her horse, rode off with her unit back to her home of SilverMoon. SilverMoon ruled by SunStrider family, before the invasion of scourge. The sight of SilverMoon was a welcomed sight to say the least, at this point in time. The High elf's now known as the Blood Elves.

"Lady LightBlade Charmling" A voice called her from the Palace Balcony.
"You're Majesty"
"Come into the palace a second"

Anasterian Sunstrider, the father to Kael'thas SunStrider waved her inside, Anasterian was the KING of two kingdoms of the High Elf's. SilverMoon being one and Quel'Thalas being the other. As she walked in, she was amazed to see the fine detail in the ceilings and everything in the room was stunning.

"Lady LightBlade"

LightBlade knelt to her king

"I am going to make you, one of my ladies of court. You will be a High Knight of the realms of all the elven kingdoms from Darnasuss to SilverMoon, you will be highly honored"

"I-I am honored my king"
"No, I am honored to have you in my court and as my loyal friend"
"Thank You, you're majesty"

Anasterian placed his sword on her shoulder.

"I Anasterian Sunstrider, High King of Quel'Thalas and SilverMoon, here by knight you, Lady LightBlade, as my Knight of the realm"

LightBlade smiled.

"Now raise Lady LightBlade, Knight of the Realm"
"I am honored, you're majesty"

Two days on, after being knighted. LightBlade was sat outside the stables in the port she had mention to CurseBlade. CurseBlade eventfully showed, much later being already two o clock in the afternoon already.

"I am sorry I'm late"
"It's no problem at all, just glad you here"

She should of found something a miss about him, he was late and he was beaten. Ansasterian didn't take to kindly to detesters or traitors but LightBlade didn't seem to notice it. She offered him inside the local tavern, they drank and talked together for a long time. They courted each other for many months before Curse finally got up the courage to ask her to marry him. Which she said yes, happily too.

But little did Lady LightBlade know, this would be beginning of a sad decline in misery and pain.

Part One is Complete

The End

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