The Tragedy of Akhmad Islamov

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The Chechnens have long wanted their freedom from their Russian rulers. And now, after hundreds of years of fighting, it looks like they've finally got a chance to win. With their two charasmatic leaders, Akhmad Islamov and Rahim Husenyov and backing from both the Americans and the mujahadeen, victory seems to be within grasp. An Islamic government is being planned and will be installed in the nation after they acheive their freedom. All seems to be going well. And then, they recieve a shock. Their leader, Akhmad Islamov has deserted the Chechen army and has joined the Russians. His betrayal cripples the entire movement. He becomes public enemy number one. Told from the viewpoint of a double agent, working for Husenyov who followed Akhmad, the true reason behind Akhmad's apparent betrayal becomes clear. How is desire to see Chechnya spared from a larger evil caused him to do the unthinkable... And how is actions may have given hope to Chechnya in the future.


Akhmad Islamov- The story's protagonist. Was a leader in the Chechen rebel army until he joined the Russians.

Rahim Husenyov- Was co-leader with Islamov until his flight. Takes over full duties after Islamov leaves. He becomes Islamov's greatest rival.

Umar Akhmetov- A double agent for Husenyov who follows Islamov to the Russian camp. This story is told from his view point.

Ali Islamov- An old pious man who guides the Chechnens when they need help. He is also Akhmad's uncle and was the man who raised Akhmad after his parents died.

Karim Mohammad- The leader of the mujahadeen forces in Chechnya. Is of Arab descent and has brought over 500 men with him.

Jeffrey Thompson- An American diplomat who is working with the Chechens to create diplomatic relations between the Americans and Chechens.

Lailia Husenyova- Rahim's sister. The love interest of Umar. Known as an extremely pious woman.

Vladamir Kherzakhov- The leader of the Russian army fighting against the Chechen rebels.

Aisha Rabimova- Akhmad's wife. She flees with her husband and, along with their two children, are his inspiration.

Yazid Khanov- An ardent follower of Rahim and is his most ruthless solider.

Other minor characters-Various soliders and townspeople among others.

The End

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