The Town For Freaks.

No way, they will NOT take me alive! NEVER I am NOT going.

I cross my arms and pout, yes this always works with Daddy, Daddy may be determined but so am I. Daddy will not make me leave my home, the place I love more than anything. I sit back into the couch and wait, it will only take so long before they decide to either leave me or stay with me…

---30 minutes later---

I watch my house fade into the distance, tears running from my eyes, weeping hysterically as I leave my home forever more. I turned around in my seat sadly, so my Mum and Dad could see how much they had upset me. “Don’t worry darling I’m sure you’ll love the new place. It’s the nicest place in the town.” I saw her and my dad exchange a glance, I knew what that meant either mum was lying or their was something they weren’t telling me. I glanced with my red puffy eyes at Dan, my seventeen year old brother, who was listening to his ipod as if he didn’t give a damn. Did he know about this? Or was it a shock to him to? Didn’t he care we were leaving the happy home we had spent so much time in?

I sat there in silence, all that could be heard was my persistent sniffing, the beating noise from Dan’s iPod music, and the occasional clicking as he selected another song. Then the silence was broken by the loud jumpy ringtone of my mobile. I pulled it out of my pocket and checked the caller ID It was Charlotte. My best friend, I answered it and mumbled a said ‘Hello’

“OH MY GOSH IS IT TRUE?” She practically yelled in my ear, causing me to wince.

“Yeah,” I sniffed sadly,

“Oh but how could they? When did you find out? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I only found out like an hour ago,”

“How could they! They could’ve at least told you earlier”

“Yeah, I know” I looked at my parents, I knew why they didn’t tell me earlier, I am one to make rash actions, I would’ve done something like runaway or move in with Grandma or something. It was sneaky on their part but clever.

“Oh but, how can they take you away from us so suddenly, …” I heard her voice breaking slightly “…from me” She said sadly,

“Oh don’t cry Charlotte, please it’s bad enough me being upset without others getting upset about it too.”

“But… it’s just so…” And she was gone, crying and sniffing away kind of like me, only worse than I am now since I’ve calmed a bit. She started talking about how much she needed me, how she couldn’t face the world without me by her side, BFF’s forever she reminded me. I started crying more, my mum even looked slightly teary eyed, my baby brother Ben, starting crying too, screaming from mum‘s lap.

“UGH! Will someone stop this snot-fest, Geez if her eyes get any puffier I’m going to send her back to her home planet, I’m sure she’ll fit in.” I gritted my teeth, the jerk I thought. I sent my older brother ,Dan a sharp kick to the thigh,

“Samantha, Don’t kick your brother!”

“Ha! ..not that it hurt anyway…” He said with that sneer he does that told me he was lying.

“And Dan, think about your Sister’s feelings, you knew about this, she didn’t. She didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

“And whose fault is that,” I watched Dan’s face, his expression had turned sour for a moment., “You should’ve told her mum, she should’ve had a say.” It was clear that Dan had pleaded to stay here, and if they had told me, it would’ve been a more fair vote. See we have these family meetings, like debates, and in the end we do this vote on what happens. If it’s equal we flip a coin.

“I’m sorry Charlotte, I have to go,” I said quietly into the phone, Charlotte sniffed a small bye, before I hung up. Silence fell in the car, Dan pushed the play button on his ipod and looked out of the window. Dad glanced at me through the mirror, I looked at him, I felt betrayed, disgusted, hurt. My emotions shone clear in my expression, however Dad’s expression remained cold and blank. His eyes moved away, what is wrong with him! I thought. Then taking a shaky breath, I closed my eyes, and attempted a sleep. I needed to escape to my imagination right now

The End

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