The tower of Dilophosaurus Rex

A story of a battling pokemon tower

I stood up at the ancient construction before me. 18 stories high and only one way up. A series of pokemon battles. This was The Tower of Dilophosaurus Rex.

The purple doors creaked open and the aroma of tea tickled my nostrils. An inviting and warm smell, contrasting with the challenges that lay ahead. A small japanese woman waited behind a counter littered with forgotten drinks and papers. She smiled at me absent mindly and displayed to me a basket of fifteen pokeballs. As far as I could see they were either marked with a leaf, a flame or a water droplet.

"Y-You" she sighed annoyed by my lack of knowledge for her native tongue "You pick three. Only three. One Grass, one fire and one water. Then you decide final starter pokemon". Annoyed by my lack of choice here I drew the three pokeballs deep down at the bottom. My quick and able fingers penetrated the triggers, releasing the treasures inside.

"Bulbasaur" one cried as it landed on the floor. Another cried something about being a Piplup but I was distracted by the small figure of strength and firepower. "Chimchar!" it cried, jumping up and down, hands balled into fists.

"Pick one, then you go upstairs and challenge first floor tower boss. She is Minnie, Bug Lady" that made up my mind. As the little lady shuffled back to work, I picked up the Chimchar and hugged it tight.

"We're going to defeat Minnie, all the other bosses and Rex himself. Just you wait and see!" Chimchar spat out an ember towards Bulbasaur in agreement. Feisty.   

The End

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