The Tower

Just a little short that I made in less then 30 minutes. Maybe I'll turn this into a novel some day :)

Another day at school, another day of boring. It was a normal day, nothing very interesting going on, however, there was always a huge white tower that I passed by every single day between two houses. The tower was extremely tall, spanning up the the bright, and vibrant clouds. You could barely see the tip of it. Whenever I tried to get close to it, the tower seemed to be getting more farther and sometimes, I wonder if there even is a point where I will be going up that great tower. There were still planes patrolling the area. The wonder of that tower never ceased to amaze me.

I didn't realize that I was still walking until suddenly, I bumped into something. I heard a loud thump and the sound of flying paper.


After I got up from the ground, I saw a girl, blonde hair, dark green eyes, with the usual school uniform, and a very angry expression.

" Hey! Watch where you're going! You don't want a broken nose do you?"

Okay, that was a pretty frightening threat so I decided to keep it cool. I didn't want a broken nose anyways

"Sorry, I wasn't looking and I even think I forgot to stop back there. It was clumsy of me. Just don't give me a broken nose."

She hesitated for a moment then nodded

"Fine. Apology accepted. Just watch where you're going or maybe, just maybe, you'll get that broken nose."

"Thanks for sparing me."

"What are you looking at?" she said

I turned my head toward the tower then said

"Oh, I was just gazing at this tower. You must have seen it every day right?"

When I didn't get a response, I turned to where she was and found out that she was staring at the tower, gaping at how big it was. I grinned, then after a few moments, I tapped her shoulder.


"You look like kind of look like a yawning hi-"

"Is that an insult?!" asked the girl

I just couldn't help but say it

"All right, all right, I couldn't help okay?" I held out my hand "Truce?"

She slapped me so hard that my face felt numb

"No way!" she shouted!

After that alarming shout, she left without leaving a trace. I could still hear the stomping of her feet ten feet away. That was one short conversation

I sighed, then looked back at the shining tower. Now the whole top part was completely covered in the clouds. I smiled, then thought to myself.

Someday, I'll fly there myself!

The End

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