The Tower

Silence encompasses the tower, only he and I enclosed inside. In the confines of my prison, darkness has overtaken me. There is a long, arduous road ahead of me if I succeed. If I am to escape, I must flee now. If I am to fight, I must stay. But my endurance is lacking and luck may be my only companion. Now footsteps echo from all directions, making it impossible to recognize the source. Click, clack. Click, clack. Every nerve on edge, staying still is not an option. My legs ready to take off down the stairs. I close my eyes in a futile attempt to constrain them. Fight or flight reflexes are telling me to flee my fears, but I should know better. I know my opponent underestimates me. He doesn't understand that what I do is for one purpose only. I have no reason to fear defeat. Victory is inevitable. 

I am a solitary creature, as is he. Neither human nor otherworldly are we. One thing stands between us and mortality. One thing prevents us from experiencing emotion. One thing stands between us and death. He is that thing for me which I am for him. I will never feel the wind blowing through my hair in the early autumn. He will never feel the warmth of a fireplace during cold winter months. We will never be completely human while the other survives.

Though I cannot feel the chilling draft of air whispering through the tower, I know it is there and shiver involuntarily. My legs stiffen as there is a shift in the air current. Click, clack. Click, clack. He is near. Still there is no sign of the source of the footfalls. I remain motionless for fear that moving may expose my location. I should have begun on the offense. Another miscalculation like this one may bring my immortal end tonight. 

The End

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