Pieces of Time

Jay hurried back down the stairs, she grabber her backpack hoping to find her cell phone, or something that would help her escape. Books, pencils, erasers, but nothing useful. She through her bag down and burst into tears. She's always heard of people witnessing things like this, it always interested her, but now that she was actually here she felt powerless this isn't where she wanted to be. Jay started to gather her things then the sound of breaking glass stopped her, she looked up and saw a woman in the corner. "H..hello?" Jay placed her backpack infront of her, the woman turned and smiled. Her face was ghastly, and mangled. Her smile faded and turned serious. "Run" is all she said then she faded into nothing. Jay sat there staring into darkness, her brain screamed for her to run. She was petrified. Her head was spinning from all this, it isn't real. Her mind is playing tricks on her, or maybe it was Anthony Adams. The neighbor hood prankster, he was always trying to play tricks on Jay, swearing one day he will get her. Yeah, that's what it was. This place isn't haunted its just one of Anthony's cruel pranks "Okay, the joke is up Antony!" Jay yelled throwing her hands up. "This isn't funny anymore, you got me!" a slight laugh escaped her lips. Nothing, not a sound through out the house. She looked at the old Grandfather Clock, as it struck one. A ringing of a phone filled Jay with enormous amount of joy, she looked around and saw a old rotary dial phone buried under plastic. "Finally!" Jay hollered out in happiness, "hello, please help me i'm stuck in a house and I can't find my way out, please help!" Tears streamed down Jay's face. The other end was silent, "Hello? Can you hear me? I need help!" Jay pleaded with the person on the other line, "Run" was all that was said then the phone when dead. "No!!" Jay screamed in frustration. She tried dialing her parents number but the line was completely dead, "NO, NO, NO, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? I HAVEN'T DID ANYTHING TO YOU, WHY ARE YOU PUNISHING ME!" She was now in an uncontrollable sob. She felt as if she should run, but in the end. It wouldn't matter. 
It has been three days since Jay Barker was last seen. The cops suspect faul play was involved and is now investigating into the disappearance. They searched everywhere, except the last house at the end of the abandoned street. The house was peaceful now, the door stood ajar. People no longer feared to walk past there, the presents of evil was abandoned. Little do people know the house is now guarded by an angel. An angel with raven hair. 

The End

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