You Can't Turn Back

Okay this was a story for a contest I was limited on words and chapters, so please don't hate too much.

The stairs whined with each step that Jay Barker made as she filled the distance between herself and the old Victorian door. It was encrusted with rose stems; Engraved angels held a kind of uncertainty, as their heads hung low. A chorus of whispers erupted from the ajar door as she studied the broad design. Jay placed her hand on the door and gave a firm push. The only sound to be heard was her own foot steps as she walked through the entrance. Ancient artifacts, sculptors, and ghastly stuff animals hung high on the towering walls. Their eyes seemed to follow Jay as she stalked through the corridor. A cold rush swept through her body, nervously she ran her hand through her raven hair. Jay was always one for the paranormal, and when rumors erupted about old man Hampton's house she knew she had to check it out for herself. Peter Hampton was a tough old man. He was short, but muscular he had long grey hair and a long beard to match. He had scares on his face and only one eye, he lost the other one when he was a kid when he was in a car accident. Peter was the kind of man that always had a shotgun in his hand, he never had any friends that's the way he liked it. They say the devil drove him crazy, until he finally took his own life. Jay took a ragged breath as she adjusted her backpack on her shoulder, if there was something here, she was going to find out. She slowly moved forward noticing a dim light coming from the living area. She cautiously peaked around the corner and notices embers burning in the fireplace. The room was empty everything covered in plastic, and dust. "Is someone here?" Jay yelled hoping she was alone. All the sudden, the old Victorian door slammed shut causing Jay to scream aloud at the abruptness. Throwing her backpack down she ran back to the entrance and tried to force the door open once again. It wouldn't budge. She quickly ran into the living room to find a window, but without luck. All the windows were boarded up. As fast as one's legs could take them, she ran up stairs. Slamming open doors without a care, hoping for a way out. Once again her attempts of escape where hopeless. "Help!" a strong voice echoed through out the halls. Maybe she wasn't alone, maybe someone was stuck in this house as well. "Hold on, I'm coming." She screamed, "Help!" The voice shouted once again. Jay helplessly ran through every room finding nothing, "Where are you?!" Panic began to set in. "Help!" the voice sounded closer, too close. She slowly turned around, there it was. A body, almost unidentifiable, walking towards her. "Mr. Hampton?" She whispered. "Help?" he was coming closer and closer. Jay didn't know how to get out of this mess. She was terrified, her body seemed frozen in fear. "Help?" his voice was almost inaudible. He slowly raised his hand and pointed behind her. Horrified, she slowly turned but nothing was there. Jay could feel his presence behind her, his breath was hot against her neck. "Run!" the voice rang in her ear. She took off without warning, fear was rushing through her veins she persistently search for a way out. Every window was boarded, both entrances seal. She was stuck, in this house of horrors.

The End

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