The Tornado

Teaser: The year was 1953 when everything changed for the newlyweds Rose and Bryce… They were slowly walking in the streets of Minnesota in the north to Texas when one of the worst tornados of Texas history broke out. What will happen when Rose and Bryce have no place to run, no place to hide, and no place to go. Will they make it out alive or will they let their frustration get in the way of staying alive and their marriage?


Main Characters: Rose and Bryce


Main conflict: Rose and Bryce are far from home when a tornado breaks out. They have nowhere to go and have no one but each other. They try running from the storm, etc. to no avail they have to be out in the open daring a storm.

May 8th 1953

About one month ago i surprised Rose with a trip to America for your honeymoon. Seems existed since she has never left the UK in her life. We have just made it in but we still have to go to our final destination Texas.


May 9th 1953

Day one of the honeymoon. Wonder how she will feel when she finds out i haven't rented a motel yet.


May 9th 1953

This afternoon Rose and I are walking the streets of Texas. I can’t believe we are here together… Just me and my love.


May 10th 1953

Everything is gone… My beautiful Rose. The tornado was to strong.. I tried to find shelter but we just end up on the roof of a Apartment…. It took her from me! Why did I let her go? I can’t live with myself as of now… I have to find her… I have too.


May 11th 1953

It keeps coming back always… Day two and it hasn’t ended I'm still on the streets with this stupid book! I don't need this… Why did i bring us here? The love of my life just got swept away… I need her.

May 12th 1953

I’m going back… to that apartment building. I have to find her at all cost. Then we are leaving this damn place!

   May 13th 1953

There is only rubbish for miles…


May 13th 1953

I found her!!! She is here in the rubbish I found her. For the love of God my Rose is here.


The End

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