The Tornado

The Tornado is about a young girl who encounters a fierce storm on her own. Even though there were several warnings, Jill thought it was a bunch of hype and was lucky to be in the basement when the tornado hit. Unfortunately, even the basement couldn't keep Jill safe from this deadly storm.

The Weather Channel warned of the impending storm.  I was home alone watching television with a terrible feeling of apprehension.  Figures, the one night I am home by myself we have tornado warnings.  I got up off the couch to grab my cell phone just in case of an emergency.  As I was approaching the kitchen, the power went out.  GREAT.  It was nine o'clock at night and the house was now pitch black.  The wind was whistling up against the house and the thunder was growing louder. I ran downstairs to grab a few candles.  I received a text from my mother instructing me to go down in the basement until the storm passed.  The last place I wanted to be right now was in my basement.  However, looking out the kitchen window, I decided she was probably right and I went downstairs to seek shelter in the basement.  I grabbed a blanket, a water, and my phone, in addition to a few candles and a lighter, and slowly crept down the rickety wooden stairs.  There were a few pieces of old furniture stored in the back room, so I made myself comfortable on a reclining chair.  All I could hear was the violent wind and thunder outside.  I was scared beyond belief.  I heard a beeping noise from my cell and noticed that the battery was dying.  Could this night really get any worse?  My answer came when all of a sudden, the cellar windows began to vibrate.  I closed my eyes and told myself I was just being paranoid.  The whistling noise grew louder and louder and the only thing I could do to block it out was to cover my ears.  This can't be happening right now, I kept thinking to myself.  I began to tremble as the first basement window shattered.  The second window shattered and the whistling noise was now an unbearable screaming.  The house was shaking as I cried in the chair, praying to God that the house wouldn't be sucked up above me.  The next thing I knew, I was struck in the head with a large object, and I do not remember anything that happened after that. I woke up two days later in the hospital.  A tornado passed directly over the house.  There was an extensive amount of damage done to the second floor, so I was lucky that I was in the basement when the tornado hit or I probably wouldn't be here telling my story today.  I was struck in the head with a floor board that had crashed from upstairs.  The whole second floor of the house was gone.  Our city lost 75 people from the tornado that day.  It was by far the scariest day of my life.  I had to get 20 stitches on my head from the cut.  I have a scar that starts where my forehead meets my hairline all the way back to my ear.  There is no telling what may have happened if I ignored the warnings and went upstairs to bed.  

The End

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