Mrs Pratchee's cake

Well journal, I was sat in the cafe after school as usual, when I heard the most unusual thing! It seems we have a thief in Dukely!

Mrs Pratchee came in just as I was paying for my cake and hot chocolate, and was in such a huff. Someone had stolen her prize cake for the baking competition! Right off her window pane! She had set it out to cool and it simply disappeared when her back was turned.

My suspicions are on that rotten little son of her's, Sam Pratchee. he bullied me all through nursery, and only stopped when I told him my big brother would beat him up if touched me again. The truth is, i don't think my big brother would help me even if I was hanging upside down over a river with crocodiles in it. He's too busy being cool with his mates. Anyway, Sam is just the boy to sneak off with his mother's cake and not tell her. He always was a pig.

I told Mrs Pratchee what I thought as she turned to me and asked if I'd seen anyone running off with a giant cake. She looked annoyed and said her Sammy boy would never do that to his poor mummy- wummy. I almost sicked up my cake when she pulled that face. Ugh, i'm glad my mummy isn't like that.

Later, i saw Sam Pratchee wandering around with his mates, and they all had smug looks on their faces, and frosting on their shirts. I told you I was right. I should be a detective. I would love that.

Maybe there will be more mysteries for me to solve in our little town.  

The End

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