The tittle-tattle of Clara Gregory

Clara Gregory is a nine year old girl who begins a journal about the little bits of gossip she hears in her little town of Dukely. She soon finds that the journal is going to be very useful indeed.

To all those who may read this journal, I would have it known that my name is Clara Gregory of 18 Pembruck Road, Dukely, England.

This is my journal, and in it I am obligated to write all the tittle-tattle I hear as I live my life in this dear little town I call home.

Firstly journal, since I shall be spending quite a bit of time writing in you, I think we should have no secrets between us. So I shall tell you now that my Grandad, who is the bestest, dearest Grandad in the whole world gave me the idea for this journal, and it is he who has been helping me with my writing and grammar.

So together we shall sit every evening and read about the funny things I have heard said, and have a jolly good time.

Who knows what we may discover?

The End

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